Mother and Daughter Rebuild After Surviving Family Murder

Mother and Daughter Rebuild After Surviving Family Murder

Max Rodriguez

It is almost a year later since a La Quinta woman’s life was turned upside down when her brother shot her and killed her husband inside their mother’s home, before turning the gun on himself. The family is now ready to close that dark chapter in their lives.

Paula McGrath and her mother have had a traumatic year, McGrath lost her husband in the hands of her brother last September inside their longtime family home. The home was a complete loss after last September’s crime scene as the house went up in flames while the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department investigated the scene.

Their home in the La Quinta Cove was rebuilt this year and McGrath still cherished the memories inside those walls, she said, “We think of the happy times, there were a lot of them a lot of laughs.”

McGrath feels blessed to have another chance at life after surviving a gunshot wound by her brother. The mother and daughter moved into the house early in July but old memories still linger.

She said, “I’ve had a few nightmares every time I go to the front door because that’s where I was shot from behind.”

Father Howard Lincoln of Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert visited the home almost a month after they moved in. Father Lincoln blesses the house per McGrath’s request, she hopes his blessings will bring her and her mother peace.

McGrath said, “It’s uneasy and mom and I are moving forward we’re trying to keep going and that’s why we wanted Father Lincoln here to bless the house it’s a new start, a fresh start and let’s move on and move forward.”