Indio Police Officers Strengthen Bond with Residents

Indio Police Officers Strengthen Bond with Residents

Max Rodriguez

The police departments across the nation are enhancing its community relations through National Night Out an evening event where residents mingle with police officers to strengthen relations including the City of Indio.

The recent wave of violence sparked new urgency in active shooter and other emergency preparedness, and Tuesday’s event gives residents the opportunity to know their police officers.

The Public Information Office for the Indio Police Department, Ben Guitron, said many of the officers not only work in Indio but live in the city.

“It’s all about Indio for us,” Guitron said. “That’s why the side of our vehicles say it’s our community, it’s our commitment, but we can’t do it by ourselves these are opportunities for the communities to see how we need to work together.”

The event comes amid a weekend of terror and mourning for the country, more than 30 people died in the hands of two mass shooters in Texas and Ohio.

Gabby Trujillo is a Coachella resident who is disturbed by the weekend shootings.

Trujillo said, “Born and raised here in the valley but living out there in Texas for three years and seeing the tragedy that happened over there, it’s horrible, how can someone do that.”

Trujillo also grew up with family members in law enforcement, she said the National Night Out event helps to introduce the person behind the badge.

“Be encouraged to get to know the police officer,” Trujillo said. “Because a lot of people are very against them but really they are here to protect us.”

Guitron said the community should feel encouraged to ask questions, especially if safety is a concern, he said the department is constantly training for emergency situations as they are the host city for major festivals.

Guitron said, “We are constantly looking and evaluating incidents and emergencies throughout the country and the world to see how does this relate to us and what can we do.”

The National Night Out in Indio takes place Tuesday, August 6 on Towne Street.