Festival Goers Cautious Following Mass Shootings

Festival Goers Cautious Following Mass Shootings

Max Rodriguez

It is the second Splash House festival weekend of the year in Palm Springs, a popular pool party for locals and visitors to cool-off from the triple-digit-heat, but the weekend of fun comes amid a week of anxiety for the nation.

Dozens of people in swimsuits get off charter buses arriving at the Palm Springs Renaissance, one of the resorts hosting a Splash House event. The crowds are energized and ready to enjoy a hot weekend by the pool, but the excitement goes away at the mention of the recent mass shootings.

One of the women visiting the event said, “Trying to be happy, trying to do their thing and when we have shootings like that, it’s just not the best thing.”

The tensions are high around the nation as several false alarms have sent people running for cover.

People left New York’s Time Square running after people believed to have heard gunshots, several other false alarms sent police to respond to possible shooters including an evacuation a Sacramento Costco on Friday.

These incidents did not lead to tragedies but the scares come as the country still mourns for the victims of two mass shootings that happened last weekend in El Paso and Dayton Ohio.

The company that puts on Splash House, Goldenvoice, through a statement told NBC Palm Springs, “Safety is a top priority at Splash House and the safety operations team works year-round with Palm Springs law enforcement and the city to develop a plan to ensure a fun and carefree event. ”

Safety is on the minds of visitors, Neil Banerjee visited the desert from Los Angeles for a weekend of relaxation. He said the recent incidents have led him to be more aware of his surroundings, especially since the attacks are hitting close to home.

Banerjee said, “My hometown is actually Dayton Ohio so I’m definitely more aware of these kinds of things now but I definitely wouldn’t let it prevent me from going somewhere that I was going to go anyway.”