RePlanet Closure a “Breath of Fresh Air” for Nearby Businesses

RePlanet Closure a “Breath of Fresh Air” for Nearby Businesses

Daytona Everett

RePlanet recycling centers across California closed their doors permanently, which is causing some inconvenience for customers to recycle and get their money back. While the reality is frustrating for many, the closure of the Palm Desert location is actually a breath of fresh air for nearby businesses.

The businesses surrounding the Palm Desert are a pool toy store, sandwich shop and ice cream place. Therefore, the area drives a lot of families and kids.

Stephen Little, the owner of Claro Pool Supplies, said the recycling center was attracting lots of homeless customers who brought the wrong type of business to his store.

“Ninety days ago, they had a whole camp set up here with the trees and the shade,” Little said while pointing at the grassy area behind his store. “They were living back here.”

Little said his surveillance camera caught homeless people trying to break into his store. In another instance, a female employee was accosted with a knife inside the store. He also found a man who passed away at his store’s front door.

“It’s a public safety concern, and it’s a cleanliness concern,” he said. “It’s a big problem and I think that problem is going to be mitigated in large part by the closing of RePlanet.”

Due to sustainability problems, RePlanet went under. It closed all its stores with no warning.

“As a shopkeeper, again, I’m pleased,” Little said. “As a human citizen there is some concern.”

Some concern because recycling just got more difficult. Still, Little is happy to see his area get back to business.