Back to Back Shootings Leave Many in Cathedral City Neighborhood in Fear

Back to Back Shootings Leave Many in Cathedral City Neighborhood in Fear

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People who live in the Cathedral City community off of Date Palm Drive and Ramon Road say they don’t feel safe after back to back shootings. Many didn’t want to speak on camera and those who did, did not want to give their names.

“One person falls here one person falls there, people are nervous wondering at what moment will they come here,” said a resident who did not want to give his name. 

Thirty-year-old Daniel Venegas was shot and killed on Sunday evening on Avenida Juarez. His name is etched into the dirt and sidewalk where he died surrounding his picture and that’s all people in this neighborhood are talking about.

He says neighbors told him Venegas was walking home from Cardenas market with his mom when he was killed, his mother was left screaming for her son. 

“How could they do this in front of a mother that’s too much,” he says. 

Less than seven hours later another shooting in the city claimed the life of a 21-year-old man. This one happened Madrid Road just before 1:00 a.m. on Monday.

His name has not been released but he says his son knew him, “My son was in tears, he was sad, he couldn’t believe it because he says this young man was a good kid and athlete, so when this happens to a person who hasn’t hurt anyone, this is out of the norm.”

He says the police need to take action and solve these murders and the murder of MMA instructor Ramon Diaz that happened more than a year ago in this same neighborhood, just two streets over, “These people are acting with impunity this community deserves respect and the police department needs to show that respect by protecting us and putting this to an end.”

A mother who also lives in this neighborhood says she and her children saw police processing the scene when they came home from church, “I’m scared and hopefully they can help and find out because we don’t feel safe, I mean we need protection.”

The Cathedral City Police Department did not confirm any of the details related to the shootings, they were not available for comment.

If you have any information about the shooting (760) 770-0300.


UPDATE: The name of Monday’s shooting has been identified as 21-year-old Alberto Rafael Sosa Alvarez of Cathedral City.