Restaurant Owner Posts Message of Appreciation for Immigrants

Restaurant Owner Posts Message of Appreciation for Immigrants

Daytona Everett

Zin American Bistro is sending a message of appreciation to immigrants through a poster in the back of the restaurant. It reads:

Located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, the restaurant is fully staffed with immigrants coming from all over the world, according to the owner, Mindy Reed.

“I’m proud of that,” Reed said with a smile on her face.

Reed said her Belgium boyfriend was the inspiration behind opening the restaurant. He was the main chef until he passed away ten years ago.

“When he became an American citizen, it was one of the best days of his life,” Reed said. 

Therefore, standing up for immigrants is personal to her. Reed created the message soon after the election. Mindy said through the years she’s posted the paper and taken it down several times due to wear and tear but just recently put it up again.

“Last week kind of just made me feel a little bit touched,” Reed said. “I need to just say this again.”

In the past, Reed said the message prompted some negative reactions. During one instance, a table stood up and left but overall, the reactions have been positive.

“I’ve had people post it in Canada, I’ve had other people that have asked me to email it to them because they want to put it up in their restaurant.”

One of the hostesses, Leslie Escareno, is a Dreamer and said she’s proud to have a boss that supports her aspirations.

“It’s nice to have an opportunity to work yourself up somewhere,” Escareno said.

The daughter of Mexican immigrants said she hopes people like her can be treated like everyone else. The same type of environment that Reed hopes to continue to foster at her restaurant.

“Every single day, if we said thank you and we stood up and we put things up and we made our voices heard, we could change the tide,” Reed said.

The message is posted in the back of the restaurant near the bathrooms.