Chili Pepper Festival Returns to Cherry Valley

Chili Pepper Festival Returns to Cherry Valley

Claudia Bermudez

The second annual Chili Pepper Festival is happening in Cherry Valley. 

The Highland Springs Ranch is known for its famous Lavender Festival but during the end of August they spice things up

The event features tours of their pepper fields, live music and of course it attracts tons of pepper lovers 

“I’m excited to try the serrano and all the chilies they got here,” said Robert Banales. 

Banales and his family traveled over 70 miles from Whittier to get a kick of the festival.

“We appreciate good salsa and spicy food,” replied Banales when asked about the festival. 

If you’re a spicy food lover, this may be the menu of your dreams. The festival even features desserts with a fiery twist lime Chili Glazed Donuts or Mango Chili Sorbets.

For those 21 and over Spicy Beers and Bloody Mary’s are waiting for you at the bar.

A pepper festival wouldn’t be complete without a tasting. 

“I’m not gonna go with ghost pepper I like my taste buds,” said Marianne Tringali when asked if she would try the hottest pepper in the world. 

The Carolina Reaper ranks as the world’s hottest Pepper but the Serrano left me in tears. 

The festival returns Aug 30-Sept 1 at Highland Springs Ranch in Cherry Valley