Valley Shoppers Flock to New Discount Market in Palm Springs

Valley Shoppers Flock to New Discount Market in Palm Springs

Kitty Alvarado Connect

There’s a new grocery store in Palm Springs. It’s called Grocery Outlet and the valley is buzzing about the grand opening. 

People were wrapped around the building waiting for Thursday’s grand opening.

The savings bell kept ringing signaling a savings of more than $100.

And first time shoppers were happy they took a chance on the new kid on the block.

“Well I was going in with not going to buy a thing and I ended up with a bag that they couldn’t put all of the stuff in it,” says Jane Higgins from Palm Springs.

A father and son drove up from Desert Hot Springs to check it out.

It’s a great new outlet I like the prices they’re very fair, they have a lot of different varieties of stuff, that’s my favorite part about it,” says Prince Zaporoshchenkov.”

Kimberlee Pitman, from Desert Hot Springs and a long time Grocery Store Outlet shopper says she couldn’t wait for this location to open, she offers newbies this advice, “When you see a good deal you’ve got to buy as much of it as you can because everything in here isn’t always here.”

The Roznoskis, own the store. They’re Coachella Valley locals and both former grocery store chain employees who decided to set up their own shop.

Mark says the premise of his store is simple, “We have all name brand products but we get their overstock so we get them at a very steep discount and then we pass the savings on to the customers and so really we want to make your dollar go farther.”

And their surplus won’t go to waste. It will be donated to the Mizell Senior Center, USO and the Boys and Girls Club. 

“We don’t want to throw anything away, if we can make, you know, somebody’s life a little bit easier and get a meal for them, that’s what we’re working for,” says Mark.

All in all the store had a great first day and so did the customers. 

Mark said they far exceeded their first day sales expectations and is grateful to the community for embracing his store.