Labor Day Weekend Attracts International Tourism

Labor Day Weekend Attracts International Tourism

Claudia Bermudez

it’s one of the most popular weekends here in Palm Springs and downtown is bustling. 

“We actually just got here a couple of hours ago,” says Ashley Wilson, a tourist from Arizona. 

Ashley and her husband are taking advantage of the three-day-weekend by visiting Palm Springs for the first time.

“‘I’m really into architecture so I wanted to come out and see all the mid century houses and basically just see what this are has to offer,” said Wilson.

But there’s more on her mind then just architecture…

We’re gonna do the tram, we’re going to visit the art museum and hopefully do some shopping,” said Wilson.

At one pointt, the aerial tram had a two-hour wait due to the large number of visitors. 

Valerie Mar, owner of La Mar Boutique loves the foot traffic and can’t wait for them to show up again.

“Around the evening time it really picked up like all of a sudden you saw crowds of people coming in,” says the shop owner.  

And the long weekend isn’t just attracting Americans.

“The atmosphere there from all the Americans around us at the pool parties is really awesome,” said Sara Wintle from London.

Wintle and her family flew fifteen hours to check out the valley’s gems.

and since three days aren’t enough she’s coming back next year.