Tenaja Fire Wedding

Bride Battles to Save Big Day As Firefighters Battle Tenaja Fire

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“No matter what she’s gonna get married on Saturday,” says Christine Langenwalter. 

The wedding of her daughter’s dreams is supposed to happen on Saturday in a rural area near Murrieta known as Tenaja.

“Very excited my daughter has it planned to the last details,” says Langenwalter. 

But she says there’s one detail they didn’t plan for, the Tenaja Fire that’s burned thousands of acres and is threatening homes, “She (her daughter) called me and said she’s having a panic attack and I said, ‘Well what’s going on?’ and she said, ‘There’s a fire in Murrieta and it’s closed down the main roads to get to the main venue,’ and I was just silent for a second I said, ‘I don’t know what to say to that we thought of contingency plans for every thing else but certainly not a contingency plan for the venue.'”

They were told they would not be able to cancel and get a refund by Fontainbleau Events.

We went there to find out what if anything they could do. They refused to explain or speak with us.

The main roads continue to be closed to the venue forcing guests who are traveling to that wedding party to take the long route there.

“It’s about 16 miles off the beaten path and I’m real concerned if the winds shifts I may be putting my family in danger.” says Langenwalter. 

Locals like Gracie Smith avoid that back route at all costs. Aside from the narrow and windy roads, GPS is spotty at best and there’s no lighting making it worse at night.

“I would be very, very afraid and I would not do it alone that’s for sure these fires put a damper on the weekend but hopefully when they get here safely and everybody gets here safely they’re going to enjoy themselves,” says Smith who is hoping for the best and being positive.

The mother of the bride is also trying to be positive.

She thinks this obstacle may even end up being a good sign, “It’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day but if there’s fire well if there’s fire on your wedding day well you’ve already gone through the fire in your relationship.” 

Captain Fernando Herrera, Cal Fire Riverside County public information officer, says the Tenaja area looks like it will continue to remain safe from fire. He adds things are looking so good the main roads may be open in time for he wedding on Saturday.

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