9-year-old makes bracelets for the Bahamas

9-year-old Tess Snyder has become an expert in bracelet making.

She’s certainly had enough practice over the last week.

“Every time we’re home, we’re making bracelets!” said Tess’ mother, Haley Snyder.

It started last Tuesday, as it became evident just how hard the Bahamas had been hit by Hurricane Dorian.

“We were making bracelets,” explained Tess. “And then I said, ‘Hey, we can make bracelets and raise money for the Bahamas!’”

“I thought it was a great idea so we went to the store. We bought the colors,” Haley said.

Haley then posted on social media, offering to sell the bracelets for a dollar.

“I thought we’d get 30 people, you know?” Haley said. “That would be 30 bracelets we’d have to make.”

They’ve actually had to make more than 30.

They’ve had to make a lot more.

“I was blown away by the response,” Haley said. “And all the support from the neighborhood.”

“And they went, ‘I want 5! I want 10! I want 15!” Tess said. “One family wanted 20!

“So I made them 20 bracelets.”

All those orders have meant lots of hours making bracelets and lots of trips to the store to restock the supply.

Tess’ family has joined in, her parents and younger brother now part of the bracelet making business.

Tess also had some friends over to join in the working fun.

In all, they’ve made about 300 bracelets.

And they’ve raised 850 dollars.

“I’m very proud,” Tess said. “And I’m happy, too.”

“I am just amazed at how she just hasn’t stopped,” Haley said. “Every day, we come home and there’s more bracelets to make.

“She’s told me she wants to fill every single order, so she’s not stopping until she’s done.”

Haley said the family will continue to make the bracelets until they run out of material.

If you’d like to order one, you can send Haley a message on Facebook at facebook.com/haley.h.snyder.

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