Community Shows Heart for Sanderson Family in Need

UPDATE: Setbacks for Sanderson Family

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The Sanderson home in Thousand Palms was full of activity on 

Bill Sanchez a general contractor with Capital Building Services didn’t hesitate to volunteer and get others on board to fix this home.

“These are conditions that no one should be living under especially when it’s a young family and it’s a 20-year-old and she’s trying to take care of her young family and there’s holes,” says Sanchez.

Twenty-year-old Eternity has been working two jobs to provide for her family after she and her siblings were abandoned by their drug addicted parents. Their home was deemed so unsafe five of the children were taken away by the court. They managed to fix it up enough for the 13 and 14-year-old to return home. The list of what needs to be done to make this house a home is long.

“Sub-floors, new kitchen, new counters so we can make it so they can actually prepare food and then get all the outlets all the electrical portion of it all completed, safe because everything’s open wire right now which it can be a fire hazard,” says George Rivero, with Capitol Building Services.

But the court says it’s not safe enough for their three younger brothers under the age of ten.
The task is overwhelming.

“Yeah it’s pretty rough, so it’s like we want to do everything that we can to put it back for them and get it right so that they’re not having to live like this,” says Chris Ralls with Capitol Building Services.

“We have that list so we’ll at least do that so that she can get her kids back or her brothers back by Thanksgiving,” says Sanchez, referring to the list of repairs required by Child Protective Services.

Volunteers from Sacred Heart Catholic Church dropped by too, hey want to help with food, clothing and support

“We’re here today to see how we can help you and your family and be there for you … The whole community’s behind you, you’re not alone and we want you to know that,” says Lyssa Vermillion, a volunteer at Sacred Heart.

A image of a beautiful home hangs on their wall, a stark contrast to the home they’re living in now.

“This is their vision board this is what they dream of and with the help of everyone that you saw here today we’re going to be close to this and give them something that she’s going to be proud of and proud to bring her brothers and sisters,” says Sanchez.

Next time she visits her three brothers she can confidently tell them they will be a family once again thanks to a community who didn’t abandon them in their time of need.

“I just can’t wait to tell them they’re going to come home, I‘m just excited,” says Eternity through tears. 

We are grateful to everyone who has donated and help this family:

Bill Sanchez and Capital Building Services, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Habitat for Humanity of the Coachella Valley, Indian Wells Glass, Desert Elite Electric, Mark Roznoski, the owner of Grocery Outlet in Palm Springs donated a $500 gift card for groceries and Whole Foods will provide the family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and you our viewers who have donated to their GoFundMe account.

If you want to help support this family you can donate to their Go Fund Me page to donate click here: Sanderson Fund.

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