Frustration as Gas Prices Surpass $4

Frustration as Gas Prices Surpass $4

Kitty Alvarado Connect

In California, gas prices went up almost 50 cents a gallon in two weeks. That’s up almost 75 cents since the beginning of the year.

“Yeah I noticed that it’s pretty ridiculous,” says Jacques Guidry who was filling up at a gas station in Thousand Palms where the price for regular unleaded was $4.33 a gallon.

The average is $4 for a gallon for regular gasoline but several gas stations in the valley are above average. 

Customers feel helpless.

 “It goes up, it goes down  but this time it’s getting way up there and it’s just you know, sometimes you roll with the punches, what can you do? You need gas,” says Guidry.

Daniel Carrillo, a who does a lot of driving for a media company says these gas prices affect the bottom line, “When we’re travelling across the country it takes a toll on us for sure we notice it in our pockets and in our profits,” adding worst of all it affects the family budget too, “going out to the movies less, going out to eat less to make sure you got gas to get the kids to school and to work.”

Jeffrey Spring with the Automobile Club of Southern California says two major problems caused the hike, “It’s sort of like a perfect storm what’s been occurring in the last two weeks we saw the attack on Saudi Arabia production facility … that kicked prices for oil up around the world and then out on the heels of the heels of that came these production problems for refineries here in Southern California.”

Victor Khouri, a managing partner of a Shell gas station in Thousand Palms says because of the state’s standards we have limited suppliers, “Our supply in California is only for California we cannot bring any supply from outside some supplies come from overseas only,” but his more than 30 years of experience in the business tells him once the refineries solve their supplies issues and are running at full speed we will see relief, “the end of this month gas will be below this by 60 cents.”