Hundreds Want To Stop ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ From Moving Into Joshua Tree

Hundreds Want To Stop ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ From Moving Into Joshua Tree

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“We’re outraged and we’re mad. My honest opinion is that if he comes out here and the DA is fighting it and no justice is done, street justice is done,” said Joshua Tree resident, Lynda Laxson.

The San Bernardino Sheriffs Office and DA are trying to stop a sexually violent from being ordered to live in Joshua tree.

“The district attorney office concern is first and foremost the safety of our residents particularly in Joshua Tree and Morongo Basin. We didn’t get properly notice that this was something that was being contemplated that placing this sexually violent predator in San Bernardino County and out of Ventura County,” said DA Jason Anderson.

In 1983 Ross Wollschlager was charged with four counts of rape and convicted of two counts through a plea agreement.  He was then paroled in 1987 and while out he sexually assaulted a ten year old child.  The Ventura County Superior Court ordered him to live at a home in Joshua Tree.

“Our law enforcement is somewhat limited and for us to be burdened with the additional workload of trying to protect our citizens from an individual that has a pattern of re-offending. It’s not good for our county and not good for our deputy sheriffs, but in addition we also will be then burdened of protecting him from the citizens of our community that don’t want him to live there,” said Sheriff John McMahon.

This is a look at the house where he will live and according to the sheriff there’s over 200 women and children living within a three mile radius.

“If this individual leaves that residence to

go shopping he will have to pass a school regardless of the streets and roads he takes to get to the shop,” said McMahon.

Catherine Derman has lived in Joshua Tree since 1969.

“He does not need to be here. There are kids. It’s a retirement community. It’s a tourist destination. Not happy. He doesn’t need to be here. Its small town USA,” said Derman.

“It’s gained a lot of traction on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The opinion is all the same, no one wants him here,” said Joshua Tree Resident Robert Anderson.