Mother and Son Recount Terror of Saugus High School Shooting

Mother and Son Recount Terror of Saugus High School Shooting

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Logan Marquez a junior at Saugus High School says Thursday was just another ordinary morning at school when a friend received the message they all fear, “She got a message saying that there were gunshots from her boyfriend.”

As they went to tell the teacher when they noticed others were already getting the same messages, then the lockdown signal went off. They headed to a safe space known as “the core”, that’s where Logan, the son of a police officer jumped into action.

“My first initiative was to make sure everybody was calm down because I know in situations you can’t be panicking. I was just watching the door I had a chair in my hands just in case,” he says.

Logan says in that room it felt like time had stopped.

Meanwhile his mother Bonnie was feeling helpless dealing with both of her children in schools on lock down, one in immediate danger.

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare,” says Bonnie.

She says she’s conflicted about her son’s actions during the shooting, “I’m really proud of him but I‘m also terrified that he would feel that he needs to protect his kids. If something would of happened to him it breaks my heart that he needed to be the protector.”

Logan says he’s having a hard time dealing with the identity of the shooter, “It’s shocking when somebody you’ve known for a long time would be capable of something like that we never would have he would ever would have done anything like that he was kind, there was like no hit of violence at all.”

Bonnie says she and other parents are having a hard time dealing with the unimaginable, “We’re all kind of a mess, it’s just, it’s hard to process and it’s the what ifs,” but she feels blessed to have her son next to her but hurts for those who will never hold their children again, “I’m glad he’s home but i’m devastating for those who’ve lost their children.”