Thanksgiving Travels to Peak Wednesday Evening

Thanksgiving Travels to Peak Wednesday Evening

Max Rodriguez

Millions of Californians are expected to be on the road this week for Thanksgiving, in the Coachella Valley, the number of cars will not be the only challenge, storms are also predicted for the holiday.

The data from the American Automobile Association shows Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving could give travelers the biggest headache. It could take 3.5-times longer to reach a destination, add another four-to-six-hours to your trip to Los Angeles.

The Public Information Officer with the Indio CHP, Jacquelene Quintero said the streets are also busier with traffic from part-time residents.

Quintero said, “It’s Winter season, so we get a lot of the mature drivers to come back down to their houses back  here from other states that are too cold right now, so we have a lot more traffic flow on the freeway.”

The CHP will also begin it’s ‘Maximum Enforcement Period’ starting on Wednesday at 6 PM and ends on December 1.

Last year’s MEP the CHP made nearly 1,000 DUI arrests.

Quintero said, “Think about not only yourself but you’re also affecting your family and loved ones, everybody else on the roadway with you chose to drive intoxicated.”

Bad drivers are not the only things to look for this holiday, storm watch is in the forecast for the Coachella Valley this Thanksgiving. The National Weather Service forecasts up to 3 feet of snow on the mountains of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Quintero said, Caltrans is telling drivers that if they plan to go up to our local mountains that chains are required there.”

Drivers could get real-time information on the road closures and hazardous conditions on the Caltrans website.