Special Family Finds Perfect Match at County’s Free Pet Adoption Event

Special Family Finds Perfect Match at County’s Free Pet Adoption Event

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Jose and Lourdes Vega have been looking for a new best friend for a while.

“Our last one we lost about five years ago,” says Jose, referring to their beloved Jack Russell Terrier named Stradivarius. 

They thought they might get lucky on Saturday, the day of free pet adoptions at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms. They instantly gravitated towards the Jack Russell types.

“She’s cute, we’re not sure yet,” says Jose as he cradles and comforts a nervous terrier mix in his arms. 

Jose, knows dogs, he used to breed them.

He also knows heartbreak. He lost his brother Palm Springs Police Officer Jose “Gil” Vega in the line of duty three years ago, but Jose, who also happens to be a doctor, knows a thing or two about dogs and their power to heal.

“They all sense when you are having a tough time or ill always they always sense it and got to you and cuddle with you and make you feel better,” he says with a smile.

As they continued their search, they spotted a sweet terrier mix that looks a lot like their Stradivarius. 

“Beautiful brown eyes you’ve got there girl,” he says to the little dog.

Jose and the little  mix hit it off instantly, “Ahh, she’s gorgeous, beautiful,” he says.

Then they noticed a little heart near its tail, a sign she was meant to be theirs.

“Any ideas for names?,” I ask.

“I think it’s going to be Cora, Cora for Corazon,” answers Jose.

Corazon is Spanish for heart. A perfect name for a tale from the heart. 

This was not planned but Cora is also the name of Officer Lesley Zerebny’s little girl. Zerebny was killed in the same incident that took the life of his brother, “Gil”. Little Corazon is going to have a wonderful life, just in time for Christmas.