Millions Requested to Keep People Safe At New Arena

In a detailed report Palm Springs’ Police and Fire Departments are asking for a combined $25 million to handle the big events the new arena will bring in.

“No matter what venue you have, you always have the worry of something happening. That’s why we’re there to do our best to prevent it,” said Sergeant Casavan.

And prevention is possible with more man power. Palm Springs Police Department is looking to add one Lieutenant, one Sergeant eight Police Officers, and  two community officers.

“We definitely need more staffing if we are going to field something like that. There will be more command staff that will be requested because when there’s additional staffing as far as officers go, there is also supervision that’s going to be mandatory. There’s going to be additional equipment,” said Casavan.

They’re also are asking for six patrol vehicles and two motorcycles.

“Right now it’s just vehicles to have the officers go back and forth and handle that,” said Casavan.

The Palm Springs Fire Department is asking for equipment and personnel quote- “as soon as possible for the optimal effectiveness of saving lives.” That includes nine new positions, 2 fire engines and one ladder truck. Additionally the fire chief believes Fire Station #1 is inadequate to provide public safety service to the arena, and so they’re asking for a new fire station with a price tag of more than $12 million dollars.

“The arena seats 10,000 so anytime you have a ten thousand seat arena there will definitely be an influx,” said Casavan.

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