After Homicide at Local Care Facility,  NBC Speaks to In-home Care Experts

After Homicide at Local Care Facility, NBC Speaks to In-home Care Experts

In home care is a booming business in the valley.

“Recently there have been more new facilities licensed,” said Omni Senior Services Owner, Walter Lowry.

But as we saw with the recent homicide at the Sunbrook Residential Care Facility, a license doesn’t necessarily mean your loved ones are safe.

“Everyone has come for a piece of this pie, not everyone with the best intentions unfortunately and so therefor you want to find the reputable ones,” said Omni Senior Services Executive Director, Brett Shepard.

Under state law background checks are required.

“They’re required for every employee. FBI background check, DOJ background checks, fingerprints. If you’re going into someones home they also have to be registered with the home care aid registry with the state,” said Lowry.

“Background checks are just the first step. I find that the administrator or owner of the home needs to do their due diligence. Has the employee had their references checked? Has their employment history been verified?” said Shepard. 

The elderly are among the most vulnerable population. Due to the aging of baby boomers, in the next twenty years the nations 65 and older population will have almost doubled since 2012.

“You know you’re looking for your loved one to go into an assisted living or residential care home we are going to assist you with that. Extremely hands on. Anywhere from the touring process in the home, touring each bedroom, ask the questions with them. Use our experience and our tips to help give them that information,” said Shepard

Are there in home care facilities here that you would not put people into?

“Absolutely. There are those that we just would not put people into because we have done our due diligence, looked at the departments website and saw which ones do have these violations that have been substantiated. We’re not going there,” said Lowry.