Palm Springs Animal Shelter Asks for Donations

Palm Springs Animal Shelter Asks for Donations

Max Rodriguez

The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter runs mostly on donations, and winter season the blankets, towels and other essential linens are running low, the staff and volunteers are asking for the community’s support in order to meet the needs of the pets.

In a shelter with more than 200 cats and dogs up for adoption, the towels are worn out in a matter of weeks.

Catie Voglio works at the shelter and she said donations are trickling in after posting a linen shortage online, but they still have a big need.

Voglio said, “Definitely need large towels, large towels we go through a lot especially when we have many puppies, we do have quite a few puppies right now so our puppy team is cleaning those kennels as often as possible because puppies do create a lot of mess.”

Each puppy uses at least a couple of large towels to keep them warm but there are many other uses for these items.

As a couple met their future puppy, sheets lined up the floor of the room to prevent outside diseases from reaching the pups.

Voglio said, “We always take rugs, we actually use those in our hallways going back and forth from one room to another to keep down the contaminates.”

A large donation bin sits outside the shelter for people to donate items at any time.

During this season of giving back the shelter is also accepting people’s time as volunteers.

Voglio said even those with a full day of work can open their homes to foster a pet.

Voglio said, “Yea, it’s just like your pets at home, I have a job I have pets at home, just because you have a job it doesn’t mean you can’t foster so it’s really an open opportunity for a lot of people to do a lot of good.”

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