Desert Hot Springs Senior Center Volunteer’s Prized Bible Stolen

Desert Hot Springs Senior Center Volunteer’s Prized Bible Stolen

Kitty Alvarado Connect

“This I say is most distressing, most distressing to me,” says Joseph Hoilett in tears. 

He’s a volunteer at the Desert Hot Springs Senior Center.

He says someone took his most prized possession, “My precious bible that I‘ve held for 37 years, my study bible that is of great importance to me,” he says. 

He says Thursday morning he left his bag with his wallet, phones, and beloved bible on a bench outside the center while he walked a few feet away, “At 6:40 in the morning and I walked this way,” he says adding that in just minutes it was gone.

“I’m truly traumatized in a season of celebrating Christ’s birth, I am now suffering the loss of my study bible,” he says.

Hoilett  says surveillance cameras captured the image of the man police believe took it, but he says when he filed a police report he felt even more discouraged, “The officer told me there’s nothing that they can do other than write a citation.”

He says what worries him more is the lack of security outside the senior center, “That is my concern the oversight of the seniors here is also critically important.”

He’s hoping for a miracle, that someone might recognize this man and that he would return the bible that’s helped him through difficult times, “I want whoever can help me to find this individual that he retrieve my bible, this I ask only.”

We did reach out to the City of Desert Hot Springs, we did not hear back.

If you have any information about the bible or recognize the man in the surveillance footage you’re asked to call Desert Hot Springs Police Department: (760) 329-2904.