The Coachella Valley Feels the ‘Bern’ with two Sanders Rallies

The Coachella Valley Feels the ‘Bern’ with two Sanders Rallies

Max Rodriguez

Democratic Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders makes two stops in the Coachella Valley, the senator began his visit by opening a campaign office in the Coachella Valley and ended with a stop in Rancho Mirage where the community amphitheater reached capacity.

It was with a roaring cheer that the Mayor of Coachella, Steven Hernandez, welcomed Sanders to his new campaign office in the East Valley city.

The supporters listened closely to the democratic candidate who hopes to win the California primary, in Coachella, Sanders knew his audience and began by criticizing President Trump’s stance on immigration and DACA.

Sanders told the crowd, “The very top of our list is the need for comprehensive immigration reform and a path towards citizenship.”

The entire Coachella City Council gave their endorsement to Sanders.

A couple of hours later, Sanders was back on stage pitching his plans to desert audiences. Sanders began by questioning the country’s democracy over Wisconsin’s removal of more than 200,000 people from the voter rolls. People who oppose that decision by a Wisconsin judge said it is likely to affect Democrats and minorities.

Sanders said, “Tonight although it is not yet definitive a judge can yet overrule it, the state of Georgia just purged 300,000 people from their voting list.”

But without a doubt, what got the most reaction from the crowd was the topic of a woman’s right to choose.

The Senator said, “That if you believe in getting the backs off the American people, understand that it is women who control their own bodies, not politicians.”

Senator Sanders will be doing campaign work this week in Calfornia, on Friday he is expected to speak at a town hall in Moreno Valley and he will later hold a rally in San Ysidro.