Residents Living with Leaky Roofs at Indio Apartment Complex

Resident in an Indio apartment complex are dealing with rain…on the side.

For over a month, resident at Cielo Vista say they continue to deal with leaky roofs and are now getting sick.

Video shows the leaks and water damage in the home, but what it can’t show you is the smell.

The smell in the kitchen was bad, but the stench come from the child’s room is even more unbearable.

The problem has been on-going and all the family is asking for is a dry home.

Resident Michelle Mauldin has multiple leaks in her dining room and in her kitchen, “It’s really really bad, can’t even even get comfortable and there’s a strong smell. I don’t know what else to do.”

The problem began before Thanksgiving. Michelle says they keep replace the insulation and sheet rock, but not the roof so the problem persists. Management did however put tarps on the roof and gave her a blower.

“When they cut it open, it was all opened up and they gave me a blow to dry it, and then we saw black stuff in there like mold,” she says.

They worry now, is her son. Michelle says, “he’s got a lot of congestion, to where he can’t breathe.”

Michelle is not alone. Other neighbors are also dealing with the leaks.

Neighbor Elvia Magdaleno says, “her whole apartment, the living room and the kitchen, came down on her. It was really flooded in there.”

Being a good neighbor, Elvia, who lives on the bottom floor, has opened up her home.

“I just feel so horrible for my neighbors and I just hope someone can help them out. They need help, something needs to be done. Not just to cover this up and put tarps up, and everything is going to be OK when the rain is gone. No, this roof needs to be worked on and needs to be fixed,” says Elvia.

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