Shadow Hills High School Football Coach to Retire

Shadow Hills High School Football Coach to Retire

News Staff

Coach Ron Shipley will be leaving Shadow Hills High School football coaching.

Shipley will remain as an SHHS physical education teacher but, after 11 years with the program, will enjoy the games as a fan. Coach Shipley began the Knights football program when the school first opened.

In his letter or resignation he says, “Starting and building this program since the inception has been a truly gratifying yet humbling experience.” He went on to say, “The experiences I have had with the student athletes, parents, coaches, staff members, and community members is something I will never forget.”

Prior to establishing the SHHS programs, he coached and taught at La Quinta High School.

A graduate of Ramona High School, Shipley received his teaching degree from the University of New Mexico. He played football for the Kansas City Chiefs, played in the World League of American football, and spent four years with the Canadian Football League.

According to Principal Gabriel Fajardo, a new coach has yet to be hired. Fajardo thanked Shipley for his service.