Kindergartener fights her second battle against cancer

Kindergartener fights her second battle against cancer

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A kindergartner who is going through some hard times just got the surprise she’s been waiting for.

Makenna Linder is fighting cancer for the second time in less than two years. This time, her community came out to wish her well in a unique way that is perfectly her and perfectly pink.

If there is one thing you learn about Makenna, it’s that in her rainbow the only color is pink!

Makenna says, “The whole thing is pink! Pink, pink, pink—everything needs to be pink! Pink, pink, pink, all pink!”

When asked why she simply says, “it’s light and pretty and it goes great with glitter.”

Pink is a fitting choice for this vibrant 5-year-old, not just because it’s her favorite color, but because it is a bright color of encouragement that has been getting her through the dark days.

Makenna says “I don’t know how to really explain it.” When asked why pink has helped her, she would rather not talk about the dark times.

Makenna is five weeks into another fight with cancer, the same cancer she overcame when she was 3-years-old.

This second fight has been much tougher, her mom says. It has taken her hair and has taken away her time at school and with friends, but it has not taken her spirit.

Makenna’s school, Baron Elementary, planned a surprise “Pinkout” for her. –The only detail Makenna knew about was they were all going to wear pink.

But little did she know how much pink and how many people were coming out to support her.

Her teachers lined the halls in Makenna’s favorite shade, bubblegum pink. Then, room by room by room, schoolmates streamed into the school gym for the big surprise.

When she was almost too giddy to contain herself, the pink princess made her entrance.

She finally got to see all the people rooting for her.

This is the special day her teachers dreamed up for Makenna to show her she is not alone.

She got to sing her favorite songs, got deputized as a police officer for the day, and basked in a cheer written just for her, called “Makenna Strong.”

Pink celebrations continued for Mckenna as the Manheim Central High School girls basketball team hosted another pinkout for her Friday night.

Tyson Hayes Manheim Central High School’s Girls Basketball Coach said, “Once we heard the idea, we were all for it”

Staff members decorated the halls and backs of gamegoers with pink.

When Makenna Linder arrived, she walked on to the court as an MVP.

Makenna’s dad, Matthew Linder was blown away by the amount of people taking part, “It’s fantastic. My high school back home in Tiago County, they had a halftime kickoff today, they were doing it…and all over the Susquehanna Valley!”

All the pinkout events are open to the public and every grade level is invited to participate.

“I think it’s pretty cool, how they made this whole thing for the district”

While the teams battled it out on the court, perhaps for the first time, people on both side were cheering on the same star player.

Linder says, “I don’t think there’s words that could say what we feel. The only thing that we can say is thank you.”

On Monday the school’s wrestling team will be hosting its own pink out.

It’s hard to predict what experiences any 5-year-old will remember as an adult, but this one is so bright-and so pink- it might be hard for her to ever forget.

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