Sanderson Family Finds a Place to Call Home

Sanderson Family Finds a Place to Call Home

Kitty Alvarado Connect

At just 20-years-old, Eternity Sanderson has a safe place for her and her siblings to call home.

“We just moved in it’s empty still … I like still can’t believe that this is actually my house,” she says with a big smile.

Just months ago she and her six siblings were living in deplorable conditions after being abandoned by their drug addicted parents, so bad child protective services took custody of three younger boys until they found a suitable home. The community stepped up to help fix the home and help reunite the family but some family members wanted them out to sell the home leaving them with no place to go.

Eternity says this was a blessing in disguise, “It felt devastating when we lost that house you know it’s where we grew up, it had a lot of memories and it felt hard but now that this is happening and we have this house, it feels like God knew exactly what he was doing and He had a plan, He really did.”

Eternity is the sole bread winner and works two jobs to support her family.

Now the County of Riverside Housing Authority is helping with home vouchers to pay for part of the rent, and Habitat for Humanity of the Coachella Valley’s ReStore showed up with a truck full of furniture to help make this house a home.

“She wants to support her family and reunite them so we want to help with that effort … we want to see them be happy and healthy and united as a family,” says Dave Thornton, the executive director of Habitat for Humanity of the Coachella Valley, adding they will continue to help with essentials.

Eternity is grateful, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

The best part, Eternity says Child Protective Services will allow the younger boys to visit with the goal of coming home for good, “We’re going to make lots of memories and the holidays and this is our new home.”