‘I-10 Tune Up’ to Create Highway Headache

‘I-10 Tune Up’ to Create Highway Headache

Daytona Everett

If you ever drive on Interstate 10 between Palm Springs and Beaumont, your drive is about to get a lot more difficult. 

That section of I-10 is about to get a face-lift that could create highway headaches over the next two to three years, February 2020 through winter 2022.

“It’s going to be an inconvenience,” a local driver said. “That’s for sure.”

The project will cost $210 million dollars with $116 coming from SB-1 fuel tax, or “gas tax” money.

Beginning on Eastbound I-10, Caltrans crews will repave lanes, replace slabs, upgrade on and off ramps and guardrail systems.

During a press conference on Wednesday, lead PIO, Emily Leinen, said the project is long overdue.

“This existing pavement is cracked and in disrepair,” she said.

Caltrans admits that the freeway could sometimes be reduced from four lanes to one, typically at night.

California Highway Patrol said the traffic could pose problems during emergencies.

“Our position is that we are going to clear the freeway as fast as possible whether it be a minor traffic collision or a major incident,” commander Mike Alvarez, CHP, said. “The idea is to collect the information, secure the scene, make sure everybody is safe and then get off the freeway so that we minimally impact traffic.”

With the new project comes a new speed limit.

“The speed limit will be reduced to 60 miles an hour,” Alvarez said. “That is a 10 mile an hour decrease from the current maximum speed limit.”

Speed violators in the 17 mile work zone will be fined double. Work began this week but the bulk of the project will happen after Coachella and Stagecoach in April.

For more information on the project, visit i10tuneup.com or call the construction hotline (833) i10-TUNE.

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