2020 Presidential Primary Election Deadline Approaching, What You Need to Know

Nico Payne

The deadline to vote in the Presidential Primary Election is about a week away and voters who received their ballot in the mail may have some restricted choices. If you are registered as having a no party preference that may be the reason why. We spoke to our local Democratic National Headquarters and they broke it all down for us.

People who registered to vote with no party preference will have to request a primary election ballot with presidential candidates. The Registrar of Voters Office of Riverside County sent notice of the changes to voters January. 

“It enabled people to get the vote by mail that were (NPP), no party preference people, they could elect to get a ballot as a Democrat, American Independent Party, or as a Libertarian,” explained Elle K. Kurpiewski, Political Director with Democratic Headquarters of the Desert.

Only some political parties allow no party preference voters to vote for their presidential candidates in a primary election. Unaffiliated Californians wishing to vote republican will need to change their party affiliation to the GOP.

“Now those that vote by going to the polls will be able to request one of those three ballots when they go to the polls, the republican party does not allow for cross over,” added Kurpiewski

People who vote by mail are also being reminded to sign and date their envelope. In the last election in 2018, 23% state-wide of the vote by mail ballots were thrown out because they were not signed.

“As we go into the convention in Milwaukee, people are going to be paying attention to California, we’ve got a lot of delegates that are going to be participating. this is a big election folks, it’s big!” Said Kirpiewski

 The last day to register to vote for the March 3rd Primary is February 18th, and to register you can visit voteinfo.net. 

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