The 60 Swarm Continues, Expected Completion Slated for 2021

Nico Payne

Drivers traveling this week will continue to face the impact of the 60 Swarm. The project is aimed at improving pedestrian safety and drive quality for motorists. Drivers familiar with State Route 60 know that it’s currently going under a major facelift. Visitors traveling into town and local businesses will have to deal with the ongoing improvements.

“It really hurts us a lot because everybody stops like on their way from the beach to the desert, from the beach to Arizona, to the river. you know, so that’s a lot of our business that are coming from the east to the west,” explained Beth French, Assistant Manager of Dowling Fruit Orchard

French, who works at a local fruit orchard says she has been rolling with the punches since the swarm started. 

“They put the divider in for the west traffic and so then they have to go all the way up the freeway and turn around and come back and that really hurts us a lot too, that took like half our business away,” added French.

CalTrans is advising drivers to take State Route 91 or Interstate 10 to avoid congestion altogether. Currently, the work that is taking place is located on the eastbound 60 from Valley Way to the 60/90/215 Junction and the westbound 60 from Country Village road to Euclid Avenue. 

We also asked CalTrans about the positive effects they expect from the outcome of this project.

“These lanes are broken up and have been more many many years, this project is a multi-million dollar project with sb1 funding included so we need to get those lanes fixed so that they don’t fall apart to the point where we have to dig up the whole freeway,” said Terri Kasinga, Chief of Public Media Affairs with CalTrans District 8.

“We’re hoping they are going to open that freeway backup, and that way we can get the east and the west traffic,” said French.

The 60 Swarm is slated to be completed in 2021, and these partial closures will only be taking place at night, in the meantime please drive safe. For up to date information you can call the 60 Swarm hotline at 1-833-607-9276.


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