Governor Focuses on Homelessness During State of State Address

Governor Focuses on Homelessness During State of State Address

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“The State of California is not just thriving but in many instances leading the country, inventing the future and inspiring the nation,” declared Governor Gavin Newsom as he began his second State of the State address on Wednesday touting the economy.

“We remain the fifth largest economy in the world, enjoying 118 consecutive months of net job growth, some 3.4 million jobs have been created since the great recession,” said Newsom.

But the governor focused on the issue tarnishing the Golden State: homelessness

“Let’s call it what it is, it’s a disgrace, that the richest state, in the richest nation succeeding in so many sectors is falling so far behind to properly house, heal and humanely treat so many of its own people,” said Newsom adding that the numbers of homeless people did decrease by 35 thousand since 2005 but homelessness is more widespread and normalized, “no place is immune, no place is immune, no person is untouched.”

The governor said aggressive action is needed to get the more than 150 thousand homeless people off the streets, “I’m asking this legislature to invest an unprecedented $750 million dollars.”

His plan calls for more emergency and affordable housing and mental health and drug treatment.

I know that homelessness can be solved, it is our cause, it is our calling, let’s all rise to the challenge and make California stand up as an example of what true courage and compassion can achieve. Let’s get to work,” he said a the end of the address to cheers and a standing ovation.


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