Local Artist Beats Odds to Create Art – The Remarkable Story Of Seeing Color Through The Darkness

Sophia Miraglio Connect

Eight months ago local artist Ryan Campbell didn’t  know if he would ever paint again.

“I had brain surgery. So for the first two months after surgery I had double vision,” said Artist Ryan Campbell.

In and out of hospitals since he was a kid.

“When I was 12 I had open heart surgery. we would have to go to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles regularly and on the way there I would always see all the graffiti on the street signs,” said Campbell.

What he saw as a child inspires what we see today.

“All of my paintings are made with spray paint. To be really honest that where I come from. That’s the first art making tool that spoke to me,” said Campbell.

Like his ability to see beauty under an la freeway, Ryan’s artwork is influenced by his perception.

“The white would drown out all the dark black printing and before I knew it I was seeing spots missing from the paper,” said Ryan Campbell.

One stroke at a time, its the black paint that makes the painting come alive.

“This black next to the yellow really makes it jump out a little more. Through the darkness i see the color,” said Campbell.

And maybe that’s just how life works, it’s the dark days that make us appreciate the beauty.

“I’m grateful that i’m alive, well and I can share what I do with people,” said Campbell.

Ryan is being featured in the Palm Springs Art Museum until March 22nd. He will start a mural on Thursday 2/27.