The Voting Changes You Need to Know About for Super Tuesday

Nico Payne

Super Tuesday is just a few days away and it’s the first time California voters will cast their ballots. Before you vote, there are some changes you need to know about.

California moved its primary from June to March so the country’s most populous state could have a bigger say in picking the Democratic presidential nominee. And with 416 delegates up for grabs, election officials want to make sure they get it right, one of the changes to include extended registration deadlines.

This allows Californians who missed the deadline to register to vote until 8 p-m on election day.

“I think it’s exceptionally beneficial for voters to be able to do that because a lot of people can’t register early for various reasons,” said Barbie Smart, Health and Wellness Practitioner

“There’s a lot of confusion about whether they can vote, so I think this is going to really help find out what voters want and who they want to represent them,” said Kelly Graziano, Democratic party supporter.

Also new this year, online ballot tracking.

“In 2018 there were so many ballots that went out without a signature and they were notified of that fact by letter, so this way people can track their ballot in real-time, find out if there is information missing from their ballot and make sure that their vote counts,” explained Graziano.

Larger counties like Los Angeles are getting new voting machines and they’re swapping out designated polling places in favor of ‘voting centers’ where people can go to cast a ballot without it being specifically assigned.

Local voters hope all these changes encourage people to get involved.

“Any way that we make it easier for the voter to not be stifled from their vote and that they could vote any place at any time, I think it’s beneficial to get the vote out, and that way it will get more people to vote,” added Smart.

Early voting is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Registrar of Voters Office in Riverside. On Saturday early voting will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and their doors will open early for super Tuesday.


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