Sanders supporters canvas neighborhoods in Coachella Valley

Sanders supporters canvas neighborhoods in Coachella Valley

Olivia Sandusky

As presidential primaries draw closer, campaign teams work harder.

“We just see the need for a big change at the White House right now,” said Oscar Ortiz. “So I think everyone is gathering support for Bernie right now so we can have some different policies coming through the federal government.”

A local group for Sen. Sanders gathered in Coachella Valley this morning to talk to voters throughout the area.

“We have some new different tactics for Super Tuesday because the primaries are right around the corner, so were going to be doing a short training then we’ll be out talking to voters,” said Ortiz.

The volunteers canvassed neighborhoods using the slogan “not me, us.”

“We’ve been doing this since early December out in the valley so we’ve talked to thousands of people by now,” Ortiz said.

As each team waits to see if their candidate can pull ahead on Tuesday.

“I’m just really glad to have a lot of volunteers. We’ve had a big presence out here in the Coachella Valley so we hope that translates to some positive results.”

Primaries are this Tuesday and include the state of California for the first time.