Coronavirus, What People Over 60 Need to Know

Coronavirus, What People Over 60 Need to Know

Nico Payne

As the threat of Coronavirus increases, riverside county officials are focusing on informing the most vulnerable.

On Friday U.S. Representative Dr. Raul Ruiz held an information session at the Cathedral City Senior Center giving the latest update on the virus and the efforts that the county and state are undertaking.

Dr. Ruiz along with Riverside County Health Officials came together not only to provide an update to the seniors but also to share the best practices for staying healthy.

Scott Conely who is over 60, enjoys spending his time outdoors, but his concern for his health is increasing as the Center for Disease Control is warning people of his age to reconsider going about usual activities.

“I hope to learn what the county and the state and all the officials, what actions they can take and what is planned,” said Scott Conely, resident of Palm Springs.

Representative Ruiz, who has considered a disaster response specialist greeted people with elbow rubs and explained what people can do to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“This is the bottom line, is that this virus spreads through droplets when you cough and sneeze or if you tough the virus on objects,” explained Dr. Raul Ruiz, U.S. Representative of the 36th District.

Congressman Ruiz went on to explain how the $8.3 billion dollar emergency Coronavirus aid package that was signed by President Trump Friday will help current and future situations.

“It has $2.2 billion dollars in public health funding, for prevention, preparedness, and response efforts. the work that the county does to not only address this but future outbreaks,” said Ruiz

Other important information that was shared was how to stay clear of the virus altogether.

“This virus will affect an individual if it gets into your eyes, your nose, and your mouth. if someone sneezes, the projectile can be up to 8 feet and it can last in the air for up to 10 seconds,” added Ruiz

Older locals like Conely say they are taking measures to keep themselves safe.

“Well, I take more time to wash my hands and watch out what I touch and avoid people that might be coughing.”

Congressman Ruiz shared a tip he uses himself, saying when people cough or sneeze around him, he goes into the restroom and washes his face, that is something to keep in mind.