Local Company Ramping Up Ventilator Production to Support Pandemic

Local Company Ramping Up Ventilator Production to Support Pandemic

Vyair in Palm Springs now on lock down. Only employees are allowed inside.

“The work we are doing is going to support the pandemic from a global perspective,” said Vyair Site Director of Operations, Stephanie Cass.

That’s because they are ramping up production of ventilators.

“Covid-19 impacts someones ability to breath. One of the symptoms is shortness of breath, so a lot of patients can be hooked up to a ventilator,” said Cass.

Hospitals and public health experts believe ventilators could be in short supply needing hundreds of thousands.

“From our previous production rates we have ramped up as much as we possibly can. We do the manufacturing and then we will ship to wherever the priority for need is across the globe,” said Cass.

The first mechanical ventilator was created by longtime desert resident Forrest Bird. He also created what is known as a baby bird respirator used for premature babies. That invention eventually replaced the iron lung.

“That tradition of excellence still seen here today,” said Cass.

Now owned by Vyaire technology that began decades earlier is needed more than ever today.

“Given the obvious need to increase our capacity we are hiring for contract work, assemblers and technicians to meet the need that we now see,” said Cass.

Vyaire in Palm Springs is hiring.



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