‘Nonessential’ businesses close in Palm Springs during shelter in place

Olivia Sandusky

As Palm Springs residents shelter in place, several businesses are forced to close down.

Tom Azody, ownerr of Classic Cleaners in Palm Springs, says he’s glad his service is an excpetion.

“We are taking care of clothes for essential positions that they need like police officers, first responders, so we almost knew that we are part of the group that has to stay open,” said Azody.

In fact, all laundry services are in that category, as are hospitals, hotels, grocery stores and pharmacies.

Hair salons and nail facilities are not allowed to operate during this time, but hardware stores and service providers are.

“It’s a struggle but we’re doing everything we can so that customers can get what they need here,” said Marty Warnke, the manager of Ace in Palm Springs. “It might not be the paper products tomorrow but we certainly have them covered for the hardware aspect, plumbing problems electrical problems.”

Businesses are taking precautions to help shoppers feel safe.

“If people are afraid to come in, call in we’ll get stuff ready for you if possible so you can avoid the contact and we’ll make you as comfortable as we possible can,” said Warnke.

“For the alteration part we require people just to tell us what they need done so we don’t have to pin or get close to touching,” said Azody.

As the order remains in effect until April 2nd.

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