Heaven Heights offers free grocery delivery to senior citizens

Heaven Heights offers free grocery delivery to senior citizens

Olivia Sandusky

Several grocery stores offer senior shopping hours, but for Pat Gershick and her husband, leaving home is still concerning.

“I went over there, the parking lot was mobbed, there was hardly a space to be had, people were not standing 6 feet and I thought, you know what, I‘ll just come on home,” said Pat Gershik. 

As a member of the at-risk group, Pat says picking up food and medication has become difficult.

“My husband is 94 and I‘m 84. I just don’t want to bring anything home. He won’t go into the store and I don’t want to go into the store,” said Gershik.

The couple are clients of Heaven Heights, a senior care group in Palm Desert. The group’s staff is trying to help.

“We know this is going to be a very hard time for them to leave the house or go wait in lines, or even try to find the things that they’re looking for.  I want to be able to offer a service to anyone in need of that type of care,” said Jacqueline Hawk.

The program is free, and any valley resident over 65 can call for help with grocery shopping and prescription pick up. 

“Whatever that may be, all over the Coachella Valley we’re happy to offer that service at least for the next two months,” said Hawk.

The attendants delivery goods will be screened beforehand. 

“I will have a particular amount of caregivers ready to go who have cleared a temperature check and haven’t been sick within the last 72 hours,” Hawk said.

To allow senior citizens to stay home whenever possible under California’s stay at home order. 

“We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week, so if they give us a call we’ll be able to send somebody to go and help,” said Hawk.

The phone number to reach Heaven Heights is (760) 469-4999.

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