Local Sandwich Shop Working Hard to Stay Open

Local Sandwich Shop Working Hard to Stay Open

Nico Payne

Businesses all over Coachella Valley are taking a hit due to the coronavirus and stay at home order. NBC Palm Springs spoke to a small business owner Corey Saldana of The Sandwich Spot who is doing their best to roll with the punches during this uncertain time.

“We’ve had some good runs and some good rushes, but it’s crickets,” explained Saldana

With a rather big following, The Sandwich Spot hopes to keep providing service to its customers, even if it’s delivery or take-out only, for now.

“We’re performing deliveries for those that we can manage when we’re busy. we’re not going to refuse you, we’ll just make it happen,” said Saldana.

Saldana exclaimed that days just don’t feel the same as his patio now sits empty.

“We thought it was fine if folks were able to sit six feet away from each other, but the police came by and told us that we could have no patrons on our patio,” added Saldana.

He has since let five of his ten staff members go but hopes to rehire them, as long as this virus doesn’t shut him down completely.

“I’m hopeful we can bring them all back because we’ll need them. after this is over we expect palms springs like spring break,” explained Saldana.

The employees who remain, have been stepping up efforts to keep the spot clean in hopes that they will be able to stay open.

“We have an employee that’s kind of guiding us on the things we need to follow, so we are wiping down all the touchpads after every transaction, we are wiping down the door handles front and back after every person comes through here,” said Saldana.

The Sandwich Spot will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, and though they are still able to make deliveries at this time, keep in mind, it is becoming hard to so with fewer workers.