Dringk Adapting as they Change Menu and Sell Grocery Essentials With No Contact

Dringk Adapting as they Change Menu and Sell Grocery Essentials With No Contact

Sophia Miraglio Connect

“We’re taking every effort to offer grocery store pricing. We are not doing restaurant style markup. This is the time to help the community,” said Dringk Eatery & Bar CEO, Kurt Gardner.

Restaurants are adapting.

“It’s very fluid we are going day by day figuring out how to do a better job,” said Gardner.

Known for their bar food, Dringk in Rancho Mirage is now making the classics.

“Home style family meals for the community,” said Gardner.

From alcohol to lasagna, homemade soups, curry, roast beef the options are endless and all listed online.

“You will see a photo and description you purchase it on your cart,” said Gardner.

In addition to already made meals you can also get cartons of eggs, milk, pasta and rice.

“It’s getting very difficult to find this at grocery stores and people are now getting scared. Thankfully we are recognizing the importance of social distancing right now. I think walking around grocery stores as much as that’s a necessity can be dangerous. We are trying to provide a solution to that,” said Gardner.

The solution, zero contact.

“They get a notification food is ready they park here by the sign. They will call the restaurant. They will then walk up to the blue table. Their product will be on the table,” said Gardner.

The health of customers coming first.

“Our staff decided they want to be a part of the solution so they are not going out.  They are self isolating once they leave the restaurant,” said Gardner.


To order from Dringk Eatery & Bar: https://dringkbar.com/food-groceries