Local Doctor Pleads For Federal Action to Fight COVID-19

Local Doctor Pleads For Federal Action to Fight COVID-19

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“I’m worried that I‘m going to see people that I love and work with everyday on ventilators and dying,” Dr. Richard Loftus, a local doctor, has been sounding the alarm of the dangers front line workers are facing treating COVID-19 patients. What he fears is happening.

“I have two colleagues who have been in our ICU, one is on a ventilator,” says Loftus,” adding, “I wanted people to know that front line health care workers are sucumming to this illness.”

He says what they’re given is not enough to protect themselves from the virus and what they have will soon run out, “I was jealous when I watched the Chinese doctors suit up for their coronavirus unit we have nothing close to that level of protection at the present time really anywhere in the United States … but we’re still catching up on securing all of the protective equipment that we need.”

He says this is a war and the federal government isn’t arming their soldiers, “This is not being embraced like it’s a war time moment and this like I said this will at the very least kill probably three times as many Americans as died in World War 2.”

He says the virus is on it’s own timeline and not creating national stay at home restrictions and loosening them early will be catastrophic, “This is like a tsunami or an earthquake you’re not in charge anymore, mother nature is in charge, this virus is in charge.”

He is pleading with Americans to demand protection for front line workers now, “Every single citizen right now can call the White House and demand that the Defense Production Act be fully invoked and that the federal government get involved in equipping front line health care workers with the personal protective equipment we need to stay safe in treating patients from this pandemic, if they don’t they’re going to start losing doctors and nurses left and right and there will be no one left to care for all of the sick.”

Dr. Loftus is also pleading with every citizen to respect the stay at home policy. He says we don’t want to look back and say we should have done more.

To contact White House click here:  White House