Fit in 42 Creates Free, Themed Online ‘Recess’ for Kids at Home

Fit in 42 Creates Free, Themed Online ‘Recess’ for Kids at Home

Daytona Everett

Just because kids are out of school doesn’t mean the physical activity should stop! Fit in 42, a gym in Palm Desert, is transforming the way they do workouts with a new type of “recess” for students online.

Fitness instructor Jason Organ said just in the past few days this virtual workout group has blown up. There’s over 300 kids, ages 3 to 10, tuning in on Zoom, a streaming app, to do an online workout.

“I just got the idea from my own kids being at home,” Organ said. “I just thought these kids are going to be at home, they may not get to go out, they may not get to see their friends for weeks on end.”

That’s when Organ created the program. It has extended to seven days a week at 10:15 in the morning.

“We can also create a community for the kids where they go online, they wake up, they’re excited about something and it creates this routine for them everyday.”

But the routine isn’t an ordinary routine. So grab your tennis shoes, workout clothes and… light sabers? Fit in 42’s thirty minute virtual kids recess is “out of this world”.

“Now we’ve actually started doing these themed days so today was a Disney/Star Wars themed day,” Organ said Monday morning.

“There’s little dance offs that happen within the workout so at any time we might call a dance off, we’ll have high knees, we’ll bring in cherry pickers, we’ll have these kids moving.”

Organ said they also infuse tips into the workout. They encourage kids with healthy living habits like cleaning their room or eating their vegetables.

“We’re all just getting involved with this and just doing whatever we can do to keep the kids entertained because I know from my kids, they’re missing all their friends at school.”

Organ’s kids sometimes make an appearance in the videos along with the rest of the Fit in 42 staff.

“They’re so into it and their energy is just contagious,” Organ said. “Even through a computer screen their energy is just really contagious.”

Kids are between 3 and 10 years old but Organ said there’s no age restrictions and encourages parents to get involved too. Go to and log in without a password.