Experts offer advice and alternatives for grocery store shopping

Experts offer advice and alternatives for grocery store shopping

Olivia Sandusky

Raul and Family Farms has sold produce in the Coachella Valley for years, now the’re operating under new guidelines.

“Everyone has to wear gloves, we have to separate who’s working with produce and who’s working with money, and then we’re not allowing people to come inside the canopy now,” Mariela Buenostro.

They’re also changing their options for shoppers at Farmer’s Markets in Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

“If you are unable to come to the farmers market or are afraid of jeopardizing your health, your more than welcome to place and order online and we will have that market box for you to come pick up,” said Buenostro.

The orders can be completed online here, and then picked up at the Palm Springs Farmers Market on E. Baristo Road without ever leaving your car.

“We’re very happy they brought this back, even if it would be 120 degrees, it’s better than going in a closed store,” said David Semones, a Palm Springs shopper.

But for those without access to a local market, the California Grocer’s Association has store safety advice.

“We’re really encouraging shoppers to really limit the time they spend in the stores, our recommendation is to shop for a week,” said Dave Heylen, with the California Grower’s Association.

Wearing gloves or masks inside can prevent the virus inside.

“We’re suggesting you get a produce bag, put your hand in it, grab the product you want and then peel the bag back over the product so you’re not touching it,” said Heylen.

The tips don’t stop once you leave the store.

“We’re encouraging when you get home wiping down the product because you don’t know who has touched that in the store, one of the things we’re suggesting when you’re in the store is to limit the things you touch while you’re in the store,” said Heylen.

They also suggest offering a little kindness to the staff.

“They’re critical they’re essential to all of us we need to be able to go shopping every day so thank them for a job well done they would greatly appreciate it,” said Heylen.