Housekeepers and other staff ‘unsung heroes’ of hospitals

Housekeepers and other staff ‘unsung heroes’ of hospitals

Olivia Sandusky

RANCHO MIRAGE- Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital workers have worked tirelessly to help their community.

While doctors and nurses often come to mind for health care workers, there is another part of the staff is also essential to the hospital’s operation.

Jobs like housekeeping, receptionist and patient transporters risk exposure everyday.

“Right now I’m working with the COVID-19 patients,” said Elidieth Quevedo, a housekeeper for Eisenhower Health in Rancho Mirage. “We go in there we clean we take out trash we sanitize everything, the toilets bathroom, everything must be sanitized.”

As a housekeeper, she’s at risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

“Everyday we wish we could stay home with our family, but we need to help with this so we can altogether get rid of the virus,” said Quevedo.

She’s an essential part of hospital staff that’s not often thought of, just like patient transporters.

“I transport a patient either from the ER to a room or from the ER to, let’s say, get an ultrasound or x-ray or something,” said Luis Reyes, a patient transporter with Eisenhower Health.

Reyes makes patients are able to get where they need to go quickly and safely.

“I like discharging people a lot because I like to see people go home healthy,” said Reyes.

But no matter what their job is, each employee is making a sacrifice to help the community.

“I bring clothes, I change as soon as I get home before i hug my family. I shower and keep my house clean. I keep a lot of Clorox in my house,” said Quevedo.

And the virus is something that is always on each employee’s mind.

“I’m always thinking about it, always taking every precaution. I’m just ensuring myself and all my other coworkers are safe,” said Reyes.

If you have COVID-19 related questions you can reach out to Eisenhower Health at their hotline at (760) 837-8988 or (760) TEST988.

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