Riverside County Files Complaint With State Against Evacuated Nursing Facility

Riverside County Files Complaint With State Against Evacuated Nursing Facility

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Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center’s website boasts about it’s top quality care, but a complaint filed with the state by the Riverside County Department of Public Health says they want an investigation of the facility’s condition and staff’s actions when they failed to show up for work after a coronavirus outbreak. It also says a staff member sent an email pleading for help, and county staff had to step in

“We had doctors and other support personnel inside the facility at the time and the circumstances were quite dire and so i know the letter doesn’t get into all the specifics but it was a very sad situation inside the facility,” says Jose Arballo, the senior public information officer with the Riverside County Department of Public Health.  

Conditions were so bad at the Riverside nursing home they were forced to evacuate 82 patients after only one employee showed up for work two days in a row. At that point 61 people were positive for COVID-19 or awaiting test results, 15 of them were evacuated to Manor Care in Palm Desert. … 

Arballo says a complaint like this is rare and an evacuation even more so, “I’ve been here nine years and this is the first time it’s happened … we had to do one in the Rubidoux area a few months back because of a fire that was spreading quickly but this is the first one that I‘m aware of in my nine years here dealing with the lack of staff showing up.”

We spoke with Damon Allen the son of a man who was evacuated from Magnolia to Manor Care in Palm Desert. He tells us he is disappointed in Kaiser Permanente’s choice of facility and blames the management of the facility not the nurses, who he says were caring. But now the actions of the facility are still affecting his family because his father was placed far from home and they have little information about his latest test results.

Arballo says Magnolia remains closed, “The issue is to not be opened unless it gets a review from the state.”

We reached out to the management of Magnolia, they told us they would give the owner our request for an interview. They did not return our call.