Mariachi Band Surprises North Shore Fieldworkers

Mariachi Band Surprises North Shore Fieldworkers

Regina Yurrita

With music and food, Mariachi Tierra Mexican of Coachella and Mariachi Nuevo Amanecer showed their appreciation for fieldworkers at the SeaFront Ranch in the North Shore community.

Juan Luis and his coworkers  have continued the essential work of harvesting food in the middle of a pandemic.

“I can’t stop working. I need to pay for rent, my bills and help my family” said Juan Luis.

Luis is from Mexico and has worked in the fields for more than five years.

While watching the mariachi perform he realized it was the first time he felt appreciated for the long hours they put in the fields.

“I can only be proud of myself and the work i have. I love working the fields, but it’s nice to feel appreciated too” said Luis. 

The greatest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Coachella Valley are concentrated in the east valley where people are essential workers and can’t stay home to quarantine.

While the majority are also undocumented and lack access to affordable healthcare or personal protective equipment.

“When the government defined who essential workers were during this COVID-19 crisis, we knew it was important to try to keep our field workers safe” said Steven Hernandez, Mayor of the city of Coachella. 

The band decided to perform for workers during the morning shift and give them a surprise visit to pay tribute to the workers behind some of the nation’s produce. 

“We got together and played for the field workers. Thanks to our field workers we have vegetables and food. If it wasn’t for them working during covid-19 it’d be a hot situation” said Carlos Audelo, who coordinated with Mayor Hernandez and brought the show to the cornfield.

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