Local Health Heroes Honored for National Nurses Week

Local Health Heroes Honored for National Nurses Week

Nico Payne

Today is National Nurses Day, a day to recognize the contributions and commitments that nurses play in our daily lives.

NBC Palm Springs spoke to local hospitals to see how nurses are being appreciated, and more importantly how nurses are holding up during this trying time.

The idea of “nurse day” came in 1953 after an employee at The United States Department of Health sent a letter to President Eisenhower.

Fast-forward to today, National Nurses Week has been officially designated May 6th through the 12th.

“Nurses week is more a validation of who nurses are than what nurses do. nursing is a profession, it’s a calling, we’re here for others,” said Ann Mostofi, Chief Nursing Officer with Eisenhower Health.

At Eisenhower Health, events that celebrate this week have of course been postponed. But thanks to one generous family, the health heroes are still to be honored.

“For about the past 15 years, the Renker family has donated bags to Eisenhower nurses full of wonderful personal care items,” explained Mostofi.

And it doesn’t stop there, Desert Care Network has set up a string of activities including a hotline for the community to call and share messages of appreciation.

“One of the things that has occurred over the last month even, is we’re getting flooded with thank you notes from people but there’s something about hearing a thank you sentiment versus reading it. the emotional inflection that comes with that,” said Heather Adams, Chief Nursing Officer of JFK Memorial Hospital.

Both nursing professionals also wanted to emphasize that despite these hard times, morale remains high.

“Moral of nurses is very high, caring and compassion the heart and soul of nursing and it always will be, and I’d like to say every nurse that is watching and all of their families, happy nurses week and thank you to all the support you have given to your nurses,” added Mostofi.

“For a hard as the day gets, we definitely always try to incorporate some laughter and definitely end the day with some laughter, and I think that it’s really true, it’s one of the best medicines offered for ourselves,” said Adams.

If you would like to leave a kind voicemail on the message line, you can call 760-323-6833 and visit DesertCareNetwork.com and eisenhowerhealth.org/ for more ways on how local nurses are being recognized and appreciated.