Supervisor Clarifies County’s Proposal to Lift Some COVID-19 Orders

Supervisor Clarifies County’s Proposal to Lift Some COVID-19 Orders

Kitty Alvarado Connect

During Tuesday’s County Board of Supervisors meeting residents took the opportunity to voice their concerns over the county’s COVID-19 orders. The list of speakers was so long it took nine hours to get to the vote, which was moved to Friday. Supervisor and board chair V. Manuel Perez says he understands the passion on both sides of the issue. 

“We were expecting that, right obviously this pandemic has everyone on high emotion no matter where one is on the issue,” says Perez.

He says there was a lot of confusion on what lifting the orders county-wide would actually mean.

“We weren’t voting to open the economy, that wasn’t the point yesterday, nor we voting to open up schools, that wasn’t the issue either the issue was to rescind four different amendments that took place over the course of two and a half months,” clarified Perez.

The orders the supervisors are considering lifting are restrictions on short term rentals,  golfing that allows golf carts, school closures and the one he says is the most controversial: mandatory face coverings.

“A lot of the business community actually would prefer it because then that gives a sign of confidence to the customer,” says Perez adding that’s part of the reason he supports it.  

If the county orders are lifted would align the county with only state orders and restrictions and would not give the county the authority to open schools or businesses in the riskier categories for reopening.

He says the community gave them a lot of information to take in before their vote on Friday and is proud of everyone who participated, “I just want to thank the public for having a high strong level of civility and appreciating the institution of democracy.”