Some Retail Stores Now Open, Curbside and Pick-up Only

Nico Payne

Shopping is starting to look different as Riverside County is now allowing curb-side retail for some department stores and other small business retailers.

NBC Palm Springs visited The Desert Crossing Shopping Center where people are learning a new way of shopping. The new way of shopping is curbside delivery or pick up only, and the Best Buy location in Palm Desert was busy throughout the day.

And they weren’t the only ones, other stores are also adjusting and preparing to welcome customers again.

Some retail businesses are opening their doors as we enter phase two of opening Riverside County. But shopping will look different than it did before as stores will be limited to curbside delivery and pick up only.

At Best Buy, customers had the option of waiting in their cars or standing in a short line outside the store for their items.

“I am actually the owner of a small computer company based out of palm springs, so I come to best buy for a lot of my parts,” said Terrence Simms of Desert Hot Springs.

People were standing in line to pay bills or pick up purchased items and the cars via curbside kept flowing.

“When places take the precaution just like best-buy here that they are taking, where nobody is inside, everybody’s outside, they are a safe distance away from each other. It definitely just helps for the comfort level with everything going on,” added Simms.

Other stores like Bed Bath & Beyond have also implemented their version of curbside pick-up. In three easy steps, all customers need to do is pick a parking spot, call the number with your barcode, and pop your trunk.

The Westfield shopping center in Palm Desert is still closed and barricades are still in place, but we are told curbside pick up will be available at barn & nobles and dick’s sporting goods. Smaller local businesses tell us they are filling orders online, but are still waiting to open.

“We’re still waiting to hear from riverside county orders, as long as they say we can open we’ll be here, I don’t know what that means, whether it be curbside pickup or one person in at a time, we’ll do whatever we have, you know,” said Melissa Perko, Manager of Zense.

Barbershops and beauty salons are some of the businesses that remain closed, but for now, people in need of items like electronics will be able to shop curbside.

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