Food Trucks Open for Business at California Rest Stops

Food Trucks Open for Business at California Rest Stops

Regina Yurrita

With a face mask, hand gloves and hand sanitizer Tacos el Javi, a local food truck is open for business. They are feeding hungry truckers that remain on the road for hours during the pandemic.

“sometimes it’s slow, but customers come in waves. The hardest part was opening after being closed for two months,” said Javier Martinez, the owner of the food truck.

At the White-water Rest Area on the west-bound side of the ten freeway, truckers are stopping at this food truck as many dining options are shut down. With only curbside pick-up and drive thru’s available it makes it impossible for workers to eat on- the- go.

“It’s really a safety issue when our workers or truckers are driving and they have nowhere to go to the restroom or even to eat,”said Terri Kasinga who works for California Department of Transportation.

The trucking industry has had to adjust the new norm, but many of them have had to go hours without eating while working.

“we can’t get in the truck with a drive-thru and if we go walking they won’t take our order either,” said Javier Urusula, a trucker from Brawley.

Governor Gavin Newsom gave the order allowing food  trucks to stay open if they obtain a permit, allowing them to serve food in rest areas. Caltrans mentioned this is a win-win situation since truckers now have more options for food and local businesses get some business.

“A lot of food industries are not working right now and a lot of the food trucks are not allowed to work in certain areas,” said Kassinga.

Now workers and drivers are able to enjoy a lunch other than fast food.

“We just stopped to rest and we saw the tacos and were excited. We don’t have to anywhere else. Now we can drive straight home,” said Brian Medina, who stopped in the area with his family after traveling from Arizona.

These Permits will be valid until the end of June.  Here is more information to apply for the permit.

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