Palm Springs Chamber Of Commerce Gives Free Masks To Members

Taylor Martinez

PALM SPRINGS (CNS) – As Palm Springs continues to mandate public face coverings amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce announced Monday it has 5,000 masks available for its members.

Chamber members can call 760-325-1577 to receive a complimentary 50-pack of disposable masks to be given away to employees or customers. The masks were donated by Riverside County.

Business owners in Palm Springs also are being required to post signage alerting patrons to wear masks and maintain social distance to stay in compliance with city mandates designed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Businesses and nonprofit organizations that do not post signs at their entrances could face fines or be forced to closed, according to the amended city order announced Friday, which is stricter than county guidelines that no longer require face coverings.

When in Palm Springs, non-family members must stay six feet apart and cover their faces when near others in public, whether they are shopping or using other professional services. Business owners must ensure workers, contractors, owners and volunteers cover their faces, and must bar people from entering their businesses if they fail to comply, city officials said.

Coverings are not required to be worn by those in the midst of outdoor activities such as walking, playing golf or tennis, although social distancing remains required for those activities within city limits.

The city order does not specify fine amounts for violating the signage policy, instead putting the matter into the administrative officer’s court to decide the amount based on the circumstances of the offense, according to the mandate.

Continued violations of the order can lead to officials closing down businesses, or revoking permits, city officials said.

Masks in photo are not the masks provided.

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